David Lawson

David leads a very hectic professional life and deals with a great amount of responsibility. David is a Regulatory and Clinical Manager for a Medical Device / Pharmaceutical Company. David balances the demands of a high profile career with a passion for health and fitness effortlessly - and as you can see gets amazing results for his efforts.

iSupp invited David to become an Ambassador because he impressed with not only his manner, his confidence and his knowledge - but his personable skiils ae excellent. David gets on with everyone and instantly bonds with those who share his passions for health and fitness. 


Get to know David a little better with our quick fire questions!

Day Job: Regulatory and Clinical manager for a medical device/pharmaceutical company. 

How did you get into the fitness industry? Ive always had an interest in fitness and science from a young age. With an inquisitive mind I wanted to study things that really effect me such as nutrition and physiology. While studying for my degree, I competed a NVQ 3 in Personal Training during my evenings and weekends so that I could learn more about fitness and exercise, my degree enabled me to learn further than the conventional books teach on sports nutrition and supplementation and have enabled me further understand sports nutrition and exercise physiology to a biochemical level.  

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David on Set of our Recent iSupp Video Shoot



Current Goal: My current goal is to compete in Miami Pro UK in October 2015. I have trained for over 9 years, now its time to direct my training towards competition and compete with the best in the UK.

Proudest Achievement: This is a tough question, but I have to say, after 4 years of dedication, graduating from my BSc Hons Biochemistry. There is not prouder moment than when your hard work pays off!

Future Aims To compete in Natural Bodybuilding competitions and inspire others like me to believe in what they can achieve.

Inspirations: My biggest inspiration to date has to be my first personal trainer, James Swan. He has taught me many valuable lessons which have guided me and kept me focused on my training. What a great role model to follow!

Favourite Training Routine This has to be something that really burns and makes you feel like you've worked hard. Super-setted reverse EZ bar curl with DB hammer curls. Ultimate bicep pump combo!

Guilty Pleasure: I have to many to list! I love carbs… this makes cutting and dieting all the more difficult! From Burritos to Pizza mmmmm. Although it is not strictly guilty, my greatest pleasures are Nandos (double chicken breast pitta, macho peas and rice if your buying) and training!

Why is being a iSupp Ambassador important to you: Having been asked to review the majority of supplements available in the UK market from a scientific view by Mens Health iSupp really stood out. As a young UK based company, their product range and quality extends far beyond the majority of other supplement companies. After using my first iSupp product, ENGAGE, I was converted! iSupp's philosophies align with my personal view in that Knowledge Is Power! 

Favourite Product: PRE+ is without doubt the best pre-workout supplement I have used. Anyone that knows me or who has trained with me knows that I swear by this, what more do I need to say, it works!

My Tips: Set yourself realistic, quantifiable goals both big and small. Believe in these and when you are having a bad day, think back to your goals for motivation (put the cake down!).