Skinni Minni | Super Slim Bundle



Strut Your Skinni with this bundle created just for you.


With Skinni Minni you can start to create that new body with our Super Slim Shake and Fat Burner Capsules.

Specifically designed to compliment each other the fat burners contain the 4 most powerful natural weight loss ingredients that are available today which can encourage up to 10x faster weight loss. Add our 'Super Slim Shake' which not only tastes great but has an effect on the body that makes you feel fuller for longer with Protein (Curb Cravings) and has the fat fighting blend of Green Tea and L-Carnitine. Perfect Post-Workout to aid recovery or as Snack. 


1 X Skinni Minni Fat Burner

Post - Workout/ Snack
1 x Scoop Slim Shake

1 X Skinni Minni Fat Burner

Combined with a our NEW BODY PLAN this bundle can provide phenomenal results faster than you you have experienced previously.


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Redefine Your Physique.